Making Music



The Vision

To the majority of the listening population at large, music producers' contributions to recordings often go unnoticed, usually overshadowed by the artist or singer who actually sang or performed the song. Rest assured, however, that without a producer's vision, music as we know it would sound very different. Primarily, a producer's job is to honor the artistic contributions of the artist and songwriters while simultaneously morphing the song into a form that can be more easily consumed by listeners. Many times, artists themselves will try and do this alone with little success. Sometimes it takes an experienced third party to build a world around the existing bones of a song. In detail, this can mean many different things: suggesting different instrumentation, arrangements, key changes, or alternate vocalizations of the singer. Chris Ray Productions excels at identifying the correct genre and application for your song. Let us build a world of sound around your creation!

Film and TV Production

In the ever-changing music industry, one lucrative avenue still available to new and emerging artists is film and TV placements, also known as sync placements. From the common lyrical themes that are often found in sync placement songs, to the necessary sonic sculpting that needs to be done, Chris Ray Productions can shape your song into a form that will be much more attractive to music supervisors. Call for specifics.


One of Chris Ray's specialties is programming. In short, this means using electronic methods such as virtual instruments to add a multitude of tracks to your song. For clients on a budget, this can be a God-send. With the plethora of authentic sounding VST plugs available today, clients can have a full orchestra added to their song for a fraction of what it would cost to hire and record the real thing. Chris Ray Productions is also very adept at modern electronic music techniques and trends. Our team can add backbeats, synths, baselines, and sonic textures to your song. Call to tell us the specifics about your project.